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Youngstown OhioA Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32
Published: 31 October, 1990
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Author: Joan W. Blos
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio "not the best book"

I read this book for school. It is the journal of a 13 yr. old girl.
Why is it "not the best book"?
1. The story is fairly dull. Most of it is about her everyday life (some people might find that interesting, but I didn't AT ALL)
2. The most exciting things that happen in the story, aren't that exciting.
3. There is not really a "climax" to the story.
4. Sometimes, she starts to write about an event in her journal, but never finishes it.
5. It is written in 1800's style English, making it hard to understand sometimes.
6. It abruptly ends; there isn't really a "conclusion" or a wrapping up of her thoughts.
These are the reasons that this isn't the best book. I would NOT read it again or for pleasure.

Youngstown Ohio a gathering of days

I had to read this book for school. Over all [I thought] it was a fairly dull book. Nothing that exciting happens. It basically the every-day journal of a 13 yr. old girl.
There isn't that much of a climax, and the book abruptly ends. The girl will start writing about an event, and then never finish it.
The most exciting parts in the book (they aren't really even exciting) are when the girl starts giving food etc. to a run away slave, secretly. That goes on for a couple entries. Then her father gets re-married...that's basically it.
It is written in 1800's style English and hard to understand sometimes. It is also (as I mentioned above) a fairly dull story. Those two things combined, make this not the best book.

Youngstown Ohio arrsteph - My Review for Academy Extra Credit

I had to read this book for school this week. The first 20 - 30 pages were very slow and boring. In the end, the book was a slight more interesting. I would not recommend this book to my peers. I did not enjoy reading A Gathering of Days.

Some of my ideas of how the author could have made this book less boring:
1. Added more suspenseful climaxes
2. Taken out unimportant information
3. Wrote this book in regular format, not journal format
4. Used better word choices throughout the context of the book

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