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Youngstown OhioSun Also Rises
Published: 01 March, 1995
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Author: Ernest Hemingway
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Youngstown Ohio The Sun Also Rises - Philosophical Review

The Sun Also Rises is one of Hemingway's first works. American exiles in Europe symbolize war's toll on humanity. Hemingway's unique way with words makes him a popular author.
Trish New, author of The Thrill of Hope and South State Street Journal.

Youngstown Ohio Hemingway isn't just an old man

Wow, having not read a single Hemingway novel (I put him in the old and boring category), I read this one and was blown away. Nothing super-spectacular, just well-written characters that make you read on and on without caring about laundry or dinner or cleaning the house. I read for hours and didn't want to stop other than to sleep and then start again. Witty writing that made me laugh out loud, great detailed descriptions of foreign countries, and unbelievable emotion evoked from a few characters that you've met in some form during your life. I see why he is one of the best. And at a shade over 100 pages, you can knock it out with a few glasses of wine.

Youngstown Ohio I'll just wait till the Sun Rises

My apologies to all the Heingway fans, but I didn't really care for this book. I had a hard time understand what was going on throughout the book. One bright spot was when they were in the mountains fishing and it is always nice to read of another country that is not yours. The characters did not apeal to me, I wouldn't want to party with any of them. They seemed lost and spoiled.

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