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Youngstown OhioKnopf Guide: Istanbul (Knopf Guides Istanbul and Northwest Turkey)
Published: 19 October, 1993
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Author: Knopf Guides
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio I can image it gets getter than this

I personally do not review many products unless they are really bad, or in this case exceptional.

This book is awesome! Maybe it is because I am new to using guide books, but I can't image a better book. I read a number of reviews prior to my purchase and my 2 week trip to Istanbul which lead me to this one. I have to say that its small size and wonderful insight makes it a must. I am not much for reading history and thought that the book was a bit dry until I landed in Turkey to experience it for myself. I began with the introduction and history, but used the book to help me locate key locations.

Here is how I found the most useful way to use this guide:
1.) Skim through it looking for points of interest as well as other locations near by. This is great to do the night before or the morning of so that you can plan your day of tourism.
2.) Go there and don't forget the book.
3.) Since the best way to travel in Istanbul is by public transportation there is also a change to read while traveling to your locations.
4.) Explore the locations using the approach from the guide or just wing it (personally I found it best to use it as a guide and then explore on my own).
5.) Once you have finished your day and settled in it was wonderful to go back to the guide and read more about the locations I visited. This gave me a chance to bring into context what I saw.
6.) After reviewing where you had been, why not pick you next locations for the following day.

I am not much for history as a study, but when it comes to living history you can't beat the experience as well as the help this guide brings! I would say that with the guide my trip was at least 10 times as pleasurable and insightful. There may be better, but this was so good it does not leave you wanting.

One last piece of advice...I found that without having someone who knows Turkish with you it is not the easiest tourist destination. There are ways to get by, but knowing the language provides so much more opportunity. You will also find that everything costs more if you are not with someone who is native.

Have fun and happy travels!

Youngstown Ohio Informative, but needs to be upgraded

I've scrutinized a bunch of guide books about Istanbul and Turkey, but I can easily say that I've never met that kind of detailed and well-pictured book on Istanbul. Especially the historical (Ottomans, their architecture) pictures are awesome. The only negative critic about the book for me is the out-of-date photos. For example, the Turkish policemen do not wear those uniforms and most of the bills (banknotes) that were shown inside the book are out of circulation.

Youngstown Ohio Beautifully produced

This book is in the same genre as 'Eyewitness' with lush illustrations and colour. Possibly more detailed in historical information. Arranged thematically. An excellent armchair companion guide for before or after a trip. I would take 'Eyewitness' with me for the practical information (pictures of bus tickets; how to pay a dolmus driver; what to say to alight from a dolmus). But I am so pleased I purchased this book as well. Will tuck it into my bag next time, space permitting.

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