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Youngstown OhioA Year in Provence (Vintage Departures)
Published: 04 June, 1991
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Author: Peter Mayle
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio A Vacation for the Mind: A Year in Provence

This book has something for everyone. The anecdotes are charming, funny, and full of deliciously descriptive sentences. I read some passages aloud to whoever will listen. This is the 2nd book I've read by Peter Mayle. I also read "A Good Year" and am currently reading, "Toujours Provence!" Mayle's books are refreshing and delightful to read.

Youngstown Ohio Delicious reading, creme brulee for your head!

I read this book as a follow up to "Almost French" which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted more but that author hadn't written anything else (yet?) so I looked to the back cover where there were some recommendations. I am so glad I did!
I always read 2 or more books at one time, usually because I have required reading for my profession. The book became my dessert and I rewarded myself for all kinds of tough accomplishments (even some teeny weeny ones) with a chapter or 2. It went all too fast and I was sorry to have it end! Sometimes, it was so funny that I had to wake my husband up to read him a passage, while my sides were splitting (he laughed too!) If you like reading anything about the French culture, or even just European culture, you will probably enjoy this book.

Youngstown Ohio A Hilarious Vicarious Journey to France

Englishman Peter Mayle and his wife realize what most of us could only dream about--life in the French countryside of Provence. Food and the hearty French life are the themes that run through this book as the Mayles undertake renovating their 200 year old farmhouse.

Season by season, Mayle infuses the local folk with wit and character, introducing the eccentric Massot who it seems is forever trying to sell his house to someone, Monsieur Menicucci the local plumber who plays clarinet to keep his fingers nimble during the cold season, stonemason Pierrot who lays stone floors as well as making tombstones, and a good array of other fascinating individuals. Discover how Mayle and his wife became the proprieters of a vineyard virtually overnight (weren't things supposed to take forever in Provence, Mayle thinks???), and how to properly prepare a meal of...Fox!

Throughout, food and drink are the ties which binds all together, beyond craft and culture. Or perhaps it is the ultimate craft that makes the culture. At any rate, a lovely fun book, much cheaper than a plane ticket or even renting a place in France. THIS is how to live!

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