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Youngstown OhioFodor's Around Philadelphia with Kids, 1st Edition: 68 Great Things to Do Together (Fodor's Around the City With Kids)
Published: 12 June, 2001
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Author: Andrea Lehman
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Pretty good little book

This book is pretty good for the price. I like that it has the activity and the age range that would enjoy the activity. I also liked the idea of listing the restaurants in the area of the attraction.

Youngstown Ohio Enjoying using this guide

The title of this book is AROUND Philadelphia with Kids, so, as one should expect not everything is in the city. This is fine with me as a resident of the Western Suburbs. The font size is comparable with any other Fodor's guide and the book is small enough to fit into your purse.

I have already gone to one of the sites recommended in the book (which I had never heard of) and we very much enjoyed it. I like that the book tells you the best days to visit, places where to take kids to eat and optimal age ranges. I am only giving 4 stars because this is a 2001 edition. At a minimum, things like prices and the exit numbers on 476 are out of date.

Youngstown Ohio Find something else

I would not recommend this book to anyone. The first thing I saw was that the type is red! It appears to be set in 6 or 8 point fonts and is very difficult to read. There are 68 recommended things to do and/or places to visit. Of these, 23 are not anywhere near the city and 12 are near but not not in the city. That is 35 recommended places that would certainly require a car to visit. Less than half of the list are actually city of Phila. sites. I grew up in Philadelphia and live within 1/2 hour drive to any location within its boundaries. I bought this book because I wanted to show the city to my grandchildren as a tourist would do. I cannot believe that in a city this large in area with so many places to visit, this is the best that they could come up with. I find this a disgraceful list for one of the top ten cities in the USA. I guess I'll make my own itinerary and forget buying any more books that will probably be a major disappointment. Maybe someone who is familiar with Philadelphia should write a guide.

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