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Youngstown OhioOn Organizational Learning
Published: 01 May, 1999
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Author: Chris Argyris
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Tough and Generally Uninformative Reading

I read "On Organizational Learning" based on a good reference from another author that I did like, James Tingstad in "Good Technical Management Practices". However, Mr. Tingstad led me astray. This book is tough and generally uninformative reading. There are 27 chapters in "On Organizational Learning", and I read eight that I thought would be most useful to me - based on my rankings, there was one 3-star chapter, two 2-star chapters, and five 1-star chapters. It does not get much worse than that. Into the circular file it goes.

The reason I found the book is so poor is that I felt no connection to the material - the writing lacked creativity and expressiveness. The book needed a better editor. Therefore, never use this book as either a general organizational learning book or, for goodness sakes, a textbook.

Youngstown Ohio A collection of essays from a master

A collection of essays, articles, and chapter length contributions to other books. Readers new to Argyris might wish to start with "Knowledge for Action: A Guide for Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Change". "On Organizational Learning" expands and deepens what you will learn in "Knowledge for Action". The bottom line is that Argyris's work is as highly respected as the name is hard to spell. I give this book a 9 instead of a 10 only because of the academic style of the writing, the content is outstanding. - Cortlandt Wilson, Software Consultan

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