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Youngstown Ohio802.11 Security
Published: December, 2002
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Author: Bruce Potter
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

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Really well structured book, from station security (by operating system), protecting APs, to build a gateway with firewall rules taking into consideration all the protocols necessary for a wireless station operation.
A must have co-authored by the founder of The Shmoo Group.

Youngstown Ohio Decent coverage of 802.11 security

This book provides the basic coverage of 802.11 security that the casual user would want, but leaves the information security professional wanting more. The pain point for this book is the price point and the amount of information covered. For the list price, most readers would expect much more in depth coverage of the topic including ancillary information such as monitoring for unusual activity, etc. To be fair, the author doesn't include this in the scope, but a book ambitiously titled 802.11 security in conjunction with the price, would leave the impression that there was more comprehensive coverage of other issues surrounding wireless deployment.

Not a bad book, just not what was expected when comparing to other O'Reilly books.

Youngstown Ohio Great for wireless security

Bruce Potter knows the ins and out of 802.x security. There are a tons of security problems w/ wireless, but after reading this book, you will know what they are and at least have a semblance of intelligence on how to deal it it.

This is a great help, I loved this book.

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