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Youngstown OhioTorn Thread (sig)
Published: 01 October, 2002
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Author: Anne Isaacs
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Shawna

Summary:Eva and her sister Rachel are forced to work in a textile factory at a Nazi labor camp. With friends dieing all around them, Eva must do whatever it takes to keep herself and her sick sister alive until the Soviets come to rescue them. Yet as the time slowly passes by and Rachel gets sicker and sicker, Eva begins to wonder if the Soviets will come in time to save her sister, or if they'll come at all.

My opinion:This book is a wonderful example of life for Jewish people during the Holocaust. While I read the book, I felt like I was there with Eva and Rachel the whole time, feeling their pains, aches, hope, joy, sorrow, hunger, and thirst. I have read many books about the Holocaust, but so far this one is my favorite. This book makes me think about my everyday decisions and what I would do in Eva's position. This book has helped me understand about how cruel people can be and about people that live under oppression. Once you pick up this book and begin to read, it is nearly impossible to put it down.

Youngstown Ohio Amanda 's Review!!!

Eva is living in a time where her religion was not approved of in her country in Poland. She is a Jew. Her and her sister were eventually ripped away from their family and sent to a Nazi work camp where there is no pay and mindblowing hours. Her only purpose in life is to keep her frail, weak sister alive and to eventaully reunite with her loving family once again. Eva and her sister's job was to spin thread to make uniforms for the German Soldiers. The Jewish workers were treated extremely bad and worked til they couldnt work any longer. Nights were long and days were even longer, but for the Buchbinder girls, it was just closer days to being with family again.

Youngstown Ohio Jillian's Review

In Torn Thread, Eva Buchbinder, her sister Rachel, and her father were forced to live in the Jewish Ghetto because of Nazi invasions in their town. Rachel and Eva were taken from their father, and sent to a Nazi work camp in Czechoslovakia. There, Eva was forced to spin thread to make uniforms for the German army. Also, her sister was very sick, and she struggled to save her sister's life...Not to mention her own. This book was so good that I couldn't put it down! Not many books can do that to me. It reminds us how badly the Jewish were treated during the Holocaust. Torn Tread definitely had a huge impact on me.

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