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Youngstown OhioA Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)
Published: 04 August, 1997
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Author: George R.R. Martin
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Soap opera, not fantasy

I would classify this book as a palace soap opera, not as fantasy. There are tons of sex, violence, gossip, palace intrigue, backstabbing, etc. But almost no fantasy! There's a glimpse of strange creatures outside the walls of the story's world. But the rest of the book is just about people lying, cheating, gossipping, killing and raping. After rambling for most of the book, a climactic battle seems to be looming. Then, just when you think something exciting might happen, you turn the page and find that the author has skipped the battle! You find the losers sitting around after the battle discussing, in hindsight, how they lost. Unbelievable.

I bought this book on the recommendation of the salesperson at the bookstore. Do they get a commission for pushing certain books? It was the worst fantasy I have ever read.

It seems like George Martin had a checklist of things that had to go in the story to make it marketable. His world did not feel believable or fantastic. I could sense a target audience he was trying to please, rather than a gripping story he was passionate about.

Youngstown Ohio Meh

I was brought to reading this book becasue I was told it was "different" from other fantasy series, that it was more real. I must agree that it is different, and earthier, but that still doesn't make me not regret buying this book.

I have a problem with writer's who canot write a decently intelligent character. We know who is supposed to be the "intelligent" fellow. But 3/4 of the way through this book, he is only alive by a series of narrow escapes so unlikely that it strains any belief.

So, to make this character "appear" intelligent, he gives almost every other character the IQ of a moldy grapefruit. I never bought it. His fans say he doesn't telegraph coming events. I think he is practically a semiphore. He doesn't rely on coincidence's. The whole book is filled with one coincidence after another.

I just gave up in my second attempt to complete this book. The first time I read it halfway and gave up, the second, It was in book on tape form. It was only one of about 3 books I couldn't even stomach on tape and finish.

Youngstown Ohio From a casual reader....

I just had to write a review for this book. I consider myself a casual reader and I'll admit I haven't read many other high fantasty books in my time and yet, this is quite honestly THE most well written book I have ever read, bar none. If you stick with this book (beginning is a little slow imho) you will agree with me. So if you are a casual reader or die-hard you have got to give this book a shot.

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