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Youngstown Ohio2,201 Fascinating Facts: 2 Vols. in One
Published: 12 December, 1988
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Author: David Louis
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Many facts, but many factoids, too.

When I read this book years ago, I found the information therein just as the title states: fascinating. But upon further perusing of this work, I began to notice incorrect information presented as fact. For example, the deer botfly does NOT fly at the stated high speed; that fanciful notion came from a quote by etymologist Charles H. T. Townsend. His absurd estimation was proven false by Irving Langmuir.

I've also found information in this book that contradicts "facts" elsewhere in the book. And the statistics cited from years ago are often out of date and inaccurate. I recommend this title only if you are willing to verify some of its information against other sources and have a keen ability to distinguish between fact and fascinating fiction -- however plausible it might seem.

Youngstown Ohio I Love It!

I recieved this book through a friend and I haven't ben able to put it down since! I reccomend it to other "Fact Junkies" like myself!

Youngstown Ohio Trivia Buff's Dream

Worth every penny. Quick easy to find information on just about everything

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