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Youngstown Ohio60 Machine Quilting Patterns (Dover Needlework)
Published: 26 April, 1994
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Author: Pat Holly
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio definitely worth the price

i can agree with some of the other reviewers that these are not necessarily the most stunning machine quilting patterns available (for stunning, try joyce mori's books, the newest of which includes continuous line designs).

however, there is a nice balance of traditional, contemporary, and cutesy patterns, and the bonus of directional arrows for some of the patterns so that the quilter doesn't have to waste time tracing the correct pathway. these patterns may not be useful for an heirloom quilt, but they will be a great convenience for baby and childrens' quilts which are expected to disintegrate eventually. some are shown in one or two combinations and directions to demonstrate how they could be changed.

any beginner who works her way through these designs will definitely be ready for any machine quilting she wants. more experienced quilters will be able to find useful patterns and ideas.

Youngstown Ohio Great beginning book for machine quilting

I've been making quilts--or rather quilt tops--for years. This affordable book gave me the info I needed to plunge into machine quilting. I just did my first design tonight and am very pleased with the results. There are probably books with more patterns and nicer patterns out there, but if you are just beginning, this book will tell you what you need to know and give you some patterns to start with at an unbeatable price. You can then experiment with this little volume and invest in more expensive books when you have "gotten the hang of it" and know which types of patterns you want more of. My appetite has been whetted.

Youngstown Ohio Good Value

You may not use all of the designs; however, at this price, who cares. The patterns are easy to sew and are easy to transfer. Good combination of styles. This book has something for any beginner.

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