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Youngstown OhioA Is for Admission: The Insider's Guide to Getting into the Ivy League and Other Top Colleges
Published: 01 September, 1999
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Author: Michele A. Hernández
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Good IF your kid is a hyper-mega-achiever

This book is very useful if your kid has 800 SAt scores, an A avergae, and has discovered a cure for a fatal disease (well, practically!). if you have a bright, well-rounded normal kid who maybe hasn't hit their peak by age 17, though, pay attention to its real message -- the Ivys are NOT within the realm of reality. So be it. To find out what to do next, and to hold on to your sanity and humor while you do, see a great new book, GETTING IN WITHOUT FREAKING OUT

Youngstown Ohio A is for Admissions

This is probably the most helpful book that I have read about college admissions, because it gives real information instead of just maintaining the party line. It shows just how important standardized test scores are in the process and gives you the equation to figure out how you stack up against other ivy league hopefuls. I found this to be extremely enlightening. I would recommend this to anyone who is seriously considering applying to an top 20 college.

Youngstown Ohio Outstanding!

One of the finest books on competitive college admissions that I have ever read! As a public school guidance counselor, I have worked with many students who have gone through the process. I am constantly recommending this book to my most motivated students and their parents as I find it to be well organized and technical enough to help a reader understand the nuances of the Academic Index. The fact that the author was a Director of Admissions at an Ivy allows the reader to "peek behind the curtain." I highlighted the important points and went back after reading it and found that nearly every page has a significant point on it! If you are a motivated student or the parent of one who will be seeking out admissions at a competitive college - this book is a must read.

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