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Youngstown Ohio6-Day Body Makeover: Drop One Whole Dress or Pant Size in Just 6 Days--and Keep It Off
Published: 11 April, 2005
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Author: Michael Thurmond
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio 6-Day Body Makeover Review

I thought this book to be very informative and have incorporated some of the suggestions in my day-to-day living. The only problem I have with this book, like all of the others I have bought or thumbed through, is the food suggestions. I am a mother of 2 grade school children, take care of my mother who has Alzheimer's, and work a full time job. It is time consuming, overall and the grocery list is costly if you are cooking for 4 instead of one. The average child of grade school age does not eat these types of meals and on an average I have to prepare different meals for the others.

Youngstown Ohio works!

It is hard to stick to,but def worth it! I lost 7 lbs in 6 days (I only need to lose 25). I feel great, my skin cleared up, more energy... My friend lost over 100 on his longer plan in one year. Cook ahead, and plan ahead or it can be very tempting to cheat!

Youngstown Ohio excellent book !

the info about finding about your body type and what you should and should not eat is priceless enough! i lasted 2 days on the diet. lol. the food is not tasty or appetizing (i never realized how difficult it would be for food to not have salt and the right seasonings!; you see that the world's taste buds need to change) i rather just do a normal diet with normal food and exercise than having to stick to Thurmond's food. i've chosen to do it the old-fashioned way (moderation, limited calories, exercise). BUT the info in the book is amazing. you will learn about so many things about your body and exercising, and be astounded. so that is why you should STILL get this book. b/c really, you can formulate your own diet from Michael's info. that is what i've done. i found the book very well put together, and Thurmond very conversational, real, encouraging, and nice throughout it... Thank you for your valuable knowledge Mr. Thurmond, i will treasure this book all my life, you are a genius!

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