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Youngstown Ohio6 + 1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide (Grades 3 and Up)
Published: January, 2003
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Author: Ruth Culham
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Great ideas for assessing writing

I really enjoyed reading this book and I am excited about starting to use this method when school starts again. Teaching writing can be difficult, but how to give constructive feedback is even harder. I am optimistic that the ideas in this book will make it a whole lot easier to help my children.

Youngstown Ohio invaluable

I looked at many writing books for my child. A school teacher recommended this one to me. After we used it as the primary writing guide, my child's writing took off. It's so effective that his writing has jumped from average to outstanding in his class. Now the book is one of our two MUST-DOs every week (the other is Beestar online ELA and vocabulary exercises, a wonderful web site Writing is a life-long skill. We will continue use this guide to improve writing for a long time.

Youngstown Ohio 6 + 1 Writing from a teacher's viewpoint

My students' writing skills improved as soon as I started using 6 + 1 Traits. Besides being very readable, the book is packed with information, ideas, and rubrics for both teacher and student use. Just what a "harried writing teacher' needs when preparing students for a 'high stakes' writing test.

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