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Youngstown OhioRiding Freedom (Scholastic Signature)
Published: 01 September, 1999
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Author: Pam Munoz Ryan
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!

This book is my absolute favorite. I first read it in 4th grade. then i read it again, then i read it in 5th grade 2 more times, then i read it in 6th one more time. It really captured my attention, I remeber that i could never stop reading it. It may have been a little difficult for me in 4th grade but as i read it again and agian it made much more sense, and it really made my day. i recommended it to all my friends...well just one, but she said she loved it. If you don't read this book your seriously missing out.

Youngstown Ohio The Freedom of Riding!

This book is really good because it tells about Charlotte's life without her parents. In the beginning Charlotte's parents are killed in a wagon crash. Charlotte runs away from the orphanage and this is where the adventure begins. Her determination leads her to freedom. Her childhood friend was seperated but kept his promise to be together again as adults. I would really recommend you buy this book.

Youngstown Ohio this book is my all time favorite book forever!!!!!

this book is a book about a girl named charlotte who is a orphan at a orphanage for girls. she has big dreams of freedom to ride and care for her own horses on a ranch of her own. but in the time that she lived in, she couldn't have that freedom unless she was a boy. read this book and find out what she does to have this freedom. i love this book!!!!

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