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Youngstown Ohio5 Novels: Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars; Slaves of Spiegel; The Last Guru; Young Adult Novel; The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death
Published: 30 September, 1997
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Author: Daniel Pinkwater
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio the last Guru rocks!

This is an amazing, funny, incredibly random book with five comical masterpeices. Though I agree with the other reveiwers that alan medelsohn, boy from Mars is very good, my personel favorite is the last Guru. the idea of a self-made kid millionare is VERY intertaning. These books are, as I said earlier, random, and A Young Adult Novel is possibly the most random of them all. an example; the Dada's(the main character) beleive dishwashers should rule the world. Weird, isn't it? Any way, no matter wich story you read first, you'll laugh and have a great time reading it.

Youngstown Ohio A great read. Again, again, again, and again.

The five novels in this book are genius. Alan Mendelson, boy from mars, takes youn through a boy going through being the new kid, goofing off with another weirdo, the wacky Klugarsh Mind Control, and... well I just can't give away the rest! I have to say i have a soft spot for The Last Guru, its so just... cool what happens to the boy :). This is an EXELLENT book for anyone to buy, I've read it so many times i tore off both covers and three pages. A great book to love and read again, again, again, and again.

Youngstown Ohio -[beyond a title]-

I cannot think of one word, or two, or three or even more to describe this book. I am not even going to try. The only problem I have is not with the book itself, but with some of the reviews.. Everyone looks upon Alan Mendelson, Boy from Mars as Pinkwater's masterpiece when the true gem (in my opinion) is in the back of the book! Yes folks.. Young Adult Novel by Daniel Pinkwater is quite possibly my favourite book. Ever. It is insanely random (Horace Gerstenblut n'existe pas!!!) (also, Kevin Shapiro is the, well, I won't ruin that card for you, partially 'cause I can't remember..). But anyway, all the contained novels are pure comic genius, funny to all (I loved them when I was eleven or so, but they seem almost better to people in high school; my aunt loves Pinkwater and I read Young Adult Novel to my mum and she seemed to enjoy it), so I suggest you read this book IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!

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