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Youngstown OhioHistorical Atlas of Central Europe (History of East Central Europe, Vol. 1, 1)
Published: October, 2002
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Author: Paul Robert Magocsi
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Great Atlas AND History

I was fortunate to pick up this atlas at a discount store, and what a treasure trove of history it is! I have used it extensively in researching family history and for general reading. The maps are detailed, clear and well-presented. Tight capsules of historical review are usually presented on the facing pages and gives a wonderful narrative into the never-known or almost forgotten history of East Central Europe. The irony is, of course, that this area was a hotbed of clashing cultures, war, shifting alliances, etc, and very little is common knowledge! One question: this is marked Vol. there a Vol. 2? I've been looking...

Youngstown Ohio A Writer's Review

As a writer of historical fiction which takes place in Eastern Europe, I have found Robert Magocsi's atlas to be outstanding and filled with detailed information that I would have to search through many books to obtain. The book not only presents the maps of Eastern Europe from its earliest times (400 AD), to the present, but also, accompanying each map is a detailed write-up of the history, geography and governments present at the time the map indicates. Thus, you not only learn what the countries/lands were at that time, but also why divisions occurred, why certain movements sprang up, and how it all lead to how the countries are now divided. The scholarship is impressive.
This is an excellent book for anyone who is interested in the development of Eastern Europe. It is clearly stated, well defined, and should be in everyone's library.

Orysia Earhart Washington

Youngstown Ohio Maps could be more detailed...

Good concept, lots of good information -- but the maps do not give a lot of detail, they are more meant to give a rough overview accompanying the text. Given the title "atlas", the maps are somewhat disappointing. But it is a very good book with interesting written information.

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