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Youngstown OhioA Kid's Guide to Washington, D.C.
Published: 10 March, 1989
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Author: Inc Harcourt
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Great for the Whole Family

We took this book along on our trip to DC and the whole family had fun and learned a lot from it. It is geared to kids of course, but was interesting and informative for adults to read also. It says for ages 4-8, but that means the activities, not the reading level. With our 8 yr old, she read some and we read some to her; it is probably too advanced for younger readers to read on their own. We learned a lot of things that were not found in any of our other (grown up) guide books. A great book.

Youngstown Ohio My kids loved this

I bought a copy of this book for my three daughters to use while we were in DC. And it proved to be a hit. The book gives good information in an easy-to-understand format. The graphics and games were fun, and it kept them entertained on the plane ride there. They are telling me to give it a thumbs-up, so anything educational portrayed in a fun format gets my thumbs-up as well. The only criticism I have is that some of the information was outdated (the book was written 17 years ago, with no apparent updates) and is badly in need of a revision. Since 9-11, things have changed with some of the sites. Perhaps a short section explaining this to the kids, including why there has to be a security check in pretty much every building, would be in order. The Pentagon and FBI are not accessible at this time, and great limiations have been made at other buildings. Other than this shortcoming, though, the book is highly recommended.

Youngstown Ohio A Kid's Guide to Washington, DC

I am horrified that this book did not address the vast history of Afican American's in Washington, DC. No mention was made of U-Street, Howard University or Frederick Douglas' home in SE section of the city as places to explore.

Parents, Washington is a great place to visit with your children come off of the Mall and find out.

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