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Youngstown OhioA Pair of Blue Eyes (Penguin Classics)
Published: 01 December, 1998
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Author: Thomas Hardy
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Classic Hardy

This book probably holds most draw for Hardy fans. Due from time period, from a young author, and from particular style, the book is a jumbled read at points-- but the plot is beyond reproach. Overall, quite entertaining. Did not impress me as much as another Hardy book, Jude the Obscure, but still was by no stretch a disappointment. Very interesting quotes on female nature to be had as an added bonus.

Youngstown Ohio Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain

I've loved every Hardy book, poem, and short story that I've ever read. He reminds me of our own William Faulkner who surely must have read Hardy because he patterned his style in the same manner (Yoknapatawpha County versus Hardy's Wessex, etc.). The blue-eyed girl, Elfride, reminds me of the main character in a book I'm reading now: Clyde Griffiths in Theodore Dreiser's An American Tragedy, also a book describing the conflicts of class and love and, since it's set in the US, lust for money. A long suit of Hardy's is his wonderful quotes from the peasants ("I have no use for a flower that neglect won't kill," and "dead, but wouldn't drop down." The other thing I like is his many references which enrich the story and educate the reader. Therefore I look for editions that have explanatory notes. Then too I like to have a pile of reference books on hand to get his fuller meaning: the Bible, Shakespeare, books on English literature, etc. And last, like all Hardy novels, A Pair of Blue Eyes has plenty of sex (if you can read between the lines). Hardy recognized that strongest of all drives beside the basic ones of survival, and despite what he called the Grundyism of the period, he conveyed that truth in his books. Read this book and any other by Hardy. A lifetime of pleasure awaits you. But of course that's just my opinion.

Youngstown Ohio Classic Hardy Melodrama

I had forgotten Hardy's unique way of making my jaw drop in the last few pages of his novels. If it's been a while since you've treated yourself to his unrelenting destruction of any hope you may be harboring for his characters, indulge. The man never disappoints a cynic.

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