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Youngstown OhioA Year in Thoreau's Journal: 1851 (Penguin Classics)
Published: 01 December, 1993
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Author: Henry David Thoreau
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Glorious!

Thoreau's journals are an insight into the man who thrived on simplicity. This book captures the years in which he was making his final revisions on "Waldon." His journal reflects his masterpiece and his book is then reflected back into his journal writings. If you are at all interested in Thoreau's writings, this is a needed companion to understand such a brilliant mind.

Youngstown Ohio The Perfect Introduction to Thoreau's Journals

Many readers exposure to Thoreau's published self-contained books like _Walden_ and _The Maine Woods_ are intrigued enough to look deeper. Inevitably, you end up with the Journals.

The journals are so long and copious, that it can be hard to decide where to start. I don't know off-hand how many pages or words there are, but there are enough of Thoreau's Journals out there to last you 3 to 5 years of reading.

So! You should buy this starter book to introduce you to the flavor of the Journals. If you also read some of the Biographies out there, you learn that Thoreau's life went through some distinct periods, which will be reflected in the different Journals. Many folks think 1851 was a magic and expanding year for him, and that's why this book follows this year alone.

My only complaint about the book using this time frame is that it sort of Pornographically selects from all the years of the Journals--and pornographically selects from 1851. As if all T's days were charmed, all rich with experience.

But the Journal selections excerpted here and this book as a whole have many good qualities that outway my only complaint. They are:

1.--This book follows a year, and T was very much influenced by the seasons. Coming full circle in a year with T is good reading.

2.--The book doesn't try to do too much. If an Introduction book does its job, it should leave you wanting more deep info on the subject. This book did that for me.

3.--There are a couple-few cool replications of drawings T did in his journal. Bonus points for these.

Overall, the subject material here is awesome. If you only know Thoreau through his published "books" and if you like them (especially the naturalist part of them), the Journals will change your world. This book does a solid good job of introducing you to the Journals.

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