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Youngstown OhioA Lantern in Her Hand
Published: 01 April, 1997
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Author: Bess Streeter Aldrich
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Appreciate this story more as an adult

I picked up this book the other night to read. I read it when I was young, and haven't read it in the past 35 years. I knew immediately as I started to read, that I would appreciate it more now, than as a young girl. There is so much life experience in this book that young adults wouldn't really understand. This is a wonderful book for many reasons. It tells the entire story of Abby's life, it gives a good picture of how Nebraska became settled, but most importantly, it shows how people change as they grow up and age. I would highly recommend this book to any woman, any age.

Youngstown Ohio What a Beautiful Read

Personally, had I read this book at a younger age, I probably would have been unable to appreciate it. In this story about Abbie Deal, life is very layered just as life really is. A carefree little girl living in the mid-1800's goes through a life journey of extreme emotional and physical circumstances but her heart of love takes on layer after layer in a format that redeems her own humanity. What might look like insurmountable burdens to the culture of thought today at the reading of this frontier story, in fact was an opportunity to become the best of who Abbie really was.

After a very active life at home and survival for 80+ years spanning roughly 1850 to 1930, Abbie is perfectly content with herself much to the chagrin of her own family. Laura, the young granddaughter who alone understands Abbie best, the portrait of her ancestor Isabelle Anders-Mackenzie that is searched for and found near the end of Abbie's life, and Katherine's "modern" day (1920's) personality that reverts back to the ways of an old-fashioned woman who happens to be her grandmother end this story in a delicate, endearing, soul-grabbing way.

The tune that Abbie sang aloud during her many rough times became more and more inspiring as the story presented it yet again in each new layer.

"Oh, the Lady of the Lea,
Fair and young and gay was she,
Beautiful exceedingly,
The Lady of the Lea.

For she had gold and she had land,
Everything at her command,
The Lady of the Lea.

Dreaming visions longingly,
The Lady of the Lea."

Excellent story. Older women and younger, single and married ladies will like this beautifully written story.

Youngstown Ohio Worst. Book. Ever

This is the worst book ever, I cannot stand it. Whoa, I don't care if you can use 700 words to describe a sunset, that dosen't make a book good. Unentertaining garbage.

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