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Youngstown OhioA Share in Death (Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James Novels (Paperback))
Published: 01 September, 2003
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Author: Deborah Crombie
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Great First Book

Most first books in a series can be rather tedious because of the time spent by the author establishing characters as well as plot. But Ms. Crombie did an excellent job keeping this interesting. I can't wait to read the next in the series. I predict Ms. Crombie will be giving Martha Grimes and Elizabeth George a run for the money!!! Excellent read!!

Youngstown Ohio May Be A Promising Start.

This may be a promising start to a new series, but I found this book quite simplistic (written at about Grade 4 level,) and the coincidences were a bit too much! Kinkaid appears to be a lame duck since he seems to yearn romantically about both women his age that he meets during the course of solving the murder. Also, I knew that it was an American author writing an English procedural (a la Elizabeth George and Martha Grimes who do it so skilfully), but I found that the story did not sound English and the characters did not sound and act like the English do. It didn't ring true. I will attempt to read another book in the series to see if it gets better. I was looking forward to beginning this series after I had read some of the reviews, so I am disappointed.

Youngstown Ohio An Excellent Start

Deborah Crombie's first book A Share in Death in her series about Scotland Yard detective Duncan Kincaid and his Sergeant Gemma James shows great promise for the series. Duncan is taking advantage of a vacation at a timeshare in Yorkshire which his cousin has offered him. He looks forward to the week away from his professional responsibilities. Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that it will not be as relaxing as planned when Duncan discovers a body in the jacuzzi. Duncan realizes that he will have to participate in some capacity with the investigation for it to be resolve successfully.

It is a classic plot for a mystery with all of the suspects in one spot and forced to examine each others motives. People's mistakes lead them in to further danger. They begin to suspect each other and emotions heighten . To aid in the investigation, Duncan sends his capable sergeant Gemma on a fact-finding tour about the resident guests of the time share.

Characters are done with interest and the reader is caught up hoping that some are not involved in the felony and that others will not perish. Crombie skillfully uncovers a bit of information at a time until it is clear who the culprit is and there is the right amount of tension in hoping for apprehension.

At the conclusion of the book the reader is ready to read the next of the series.

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